About Us

Welcome to Sunrise Peak Houseboats – the largest and most experienced luxury houseboat company on Lake Powell. Sunrise Peak was the first shared ownership company to operate at Lake Powell and we have been putting boats on the lake since 1989. We were proud to launch our 120th boat at Lake Powell in June of 2012 and we continue to offer what we believe is the best houseboating experience available at a price that most families or businesses can easily afford.

We believe there are four things that separate us from our competition when it comes to choosing a shared ownership company:

Houseboats designed especially for Lake Powell – We pride ourselves on the design work that we do with our manufacturer, Adonia Yachts, to make sure that our boats have the features and amenities that our owners want in a luxury houseboat. We listen when our owners give us feedback about our boats and we have implemented numerous improvements suggested by owners.  As a result we continue to offer boats that are built not only for the unique terrain & weather at Lake Powell but for the demands of a shared ownership boat.

canyon breeze houseboat at bullfrog marina lake powellLargest inventory of shares available at Lake Powell – Because we are the largest provider of luxury shared ownership boats on the lake, we are almost always going to have the share that fits your schedule and budget when looking for a share to own. In addition, Sunrise Peak is the only company offering shared ownership at both Antelope Point and Bullfrog Marinas, so we can serve a larger geographic area around the lake.

Best launch and retrieve partners in the business – We know that even if you have a great boat, the quality of your vacation will be determined by the experience that you have on your trip to the lake. We are constantly evaluating our launch and retrieve partners to make sure they are providing the first-class service that we expect for our owners. Our current provider, Antelope Point Marina is the “best in the business” and provides our owners with a worry free trip instead of a “working vacation”.

Ability to upgrade on a regular basis – Many of our owners like to stay on a boat for 2-3 years and are ready to move to a new boat because of schedule changes, new features, etc. Because Sunrise Peak has the ability to resell your share for you using our website, attendance at boat shows and other marketing efforts, we can make the transition from one boat to another seamless.

If you would like more information about Sunrise Peak Houseboats go to the “Contact Us” tab.