Resale Shares

Sunrise Peak will list and sell a currently owned share for a marketing fee of 10% of the sales price. The fee is waived if the current owner subsequently purchases a Sunrise Peak owned share on another Sunrise Peak houseboat. A Sunrise Peak Listing Agreement will be provided to confirm the details of the transaction.

Prior to any share on a boat located at Antelope Point Marina being listing on the Sunrise Peak website as a resale share, the owner is required to put a Listing Agreement in place with the Antelope Point Brokerage (928-660-0577).  Once we receive a copy of the Listing Agreement, signed by the broker, we will list the share for sale on the SRP website or put the share on our waiting list.  If Sunrise Peak finds a buyer for the share and an acceptable price is negotiated, the seller will be given a document that can be used as a “Bill of Sale” with the Broker and the seller will be responsible for paying any brokerage fees due to the Antelope Point Brokerage.

In order to purchase a resale share, a prospective owner can make an offer for the share through Sunrise Peak. That offer will be taken to the current owner, who can either accept the offer or provide a counter offer to be considered by the prospective owner.

In addition to the amount offered for the resale share, the prospective owner will be responsible for the current year maintenance fee (listed on the boat page) unless the current owner is using the boat prior to the sale of the share.

Call (801)424-BOAT for more information

Featured Shares

YearBoat NameCheck on/offTrip #SizeMaintenance FeeTurnaround FeeMarinaPrice
2017EnigmaAug 18|Aug 241275’x 18′$3,000$1,150Antelope Point Slip$48,995
2015AtlasJun 30|Jul 07475’x 22′$5,000$1,350Antelope Point Slip$104,995
2015AtlasAug 14|Aug 23975’x 22′$5,000$1,350Antelope Point Slip$89,995
2015EvolutionMay 31|Jun 6175’x 18′$3,000$1,150Antelope Point Slip$35,000
2014InfinityAug 6|Aug 121075’x 18′$3,750$1,150Antelope Point Slip$49,995
2013ApolloAug 5|Aug 13775’x 22′$5,000$1,350Antelope Point Slip$89,995
 2005 Summer Obsession May 23|May 29 21 75′ x 16′ $1,650 $750Antelope Point Dry Storage$9,000
2005Summer ObsessionAug 15|Aug 213375′ x 16′$1,650$750Antelope Point Dry Storage$9,000
2003Royal FlushJun 2|Jun 8 22 75′ x 16′ $1,700 $750 Antelope Point Dry Storage $11,499


Resale Shares


YearBoat NameCheck on/offTrip #SizeMaintenance FeeTurnaround FeeMarinaPrice
2017EnigmaJun 16|Jun 22375’x 18′$3,000$1,150Antelope Point Slip$71,995
2015EvolutionAug 8|Aug 141175’x 18′$3,000$1,150Antelope Point Slip$54,995
2015DiscoveryAug 28|Sep 31575’x 18′$1,700$750Antelope Point Dry Storage$26,000
2013Explorer OneSep 25|Oct 11875’x 16′$1,700$750Antelope Point Slip$14,995
2013ApolloAug 23|Aug 31975’x 22′$4,000$1,150Antelope Point Dry Storage$75,000
2012Ho’okipaMay 28|Jun 3175’x 18′$1,500$750Antelope Point Dry Storage$21,900
2012Ho’okipaAug 20|Aug 3112 days75’x 18′$2,600$750Antelope Point Dry Storage$34,995
2012Summer SolsticeJul 3|Jul 9675’x 18′$1,600$750Antelope Point Dry Storage$35,995
2012Summer SolsticeAug 28|Sep 31475’x 18′$1,600$750Antelope Point Dry Storage$20,995
2012Summer SolsticeSep 25|Oct 11875’x 18′$1,600$750Antelope Point Dry Storage$16,000
2011DreamWeaverAug 20|Aug 3112 days75′ x 18′$2,600$750Antelope Point Dry Storage$27,995
2011Sand CastleMay 21|May 27175′ x 16′$1,800$750Antelope Point Dry Storage$9,995
2011Sand CastleSep 18|Sep 241875′ x 16′$1,800$750Antelope Point Dry Storage$11,500
2010StarchaserAug 25|Aug 311268′ x 16′$1,525$750Antelope Point Dry Storage$16,900
2010StarchaserSep 1|Sep 71368′ x 16′$1,525$750Antelope Point Dry Storage$14,000
2010StarchaserSep 15|Sep 211568′ x 16′$1,525$750Antelope Point Dry Storage$11,995
2007Canyon BreezeAug 29|Sep 710 Days75′ x 18′$2,300$750Antelope Point Dry Storage$14,995
2007MoondancerJun 15|Jun 21575′ x 16′$1,360$1,500Offshore Marina/Bullfrog$14,995
2007Twilight BreezeAug 1|Aug 12775′ x 22′$5,000$1,350Antelope Point Dry Storage$65,000
2002Stress ReliefSep 29|Oct 53975′ x 16′$1,100$750Antelope Point Dry Storage$3,995
2008MasterCraft X45See page224′$1,500$500Antelope Point Enclosed Storage$9,995