Hike Near Lake Powell – Rainbow Bridge

The beautiful sights of Lake Powell create an awe-inspiring landscape of sculpted sandstone, ancient cliff dwellings, and petroglyphs. A favorite activity in the area is hiking, and the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area offers guided tours of the surrounding sights. One such area is Rainbow Bridge. The best way to experience these sights is to use a Sunrise Peak Houseboat as your headquarters out on the lake and visit as many nearby sights as possible.

Rainbow Bridge

rainbow bridge

Rainbow Bridge is considered one of the world’s highest natural bridges, with a span of about 235 feet. At the top, it is 42 feet thick and 33 feet wide. It is accessible by a two-hour boat ride over Lake Powell followed by a mile-long walk from the National Park wharf in Bridge Canyon, or by hiking overland from a trailhead on the south side of Lake Powell. It is located at the foot of Navajo Mountain, and is of significant religious importance to the surrounding Native American tribes. Visitors who come to Rainbow Bridge are asked to respect the space and the importance to the Native American people.

Lodging options

If hiking and boating are on the vacation to-do list, consider a houseboat on Lake Powell. Sharing ownership of a houseboat is the most affordable way to get the most out of your vacation, not to mention offering a unique way to experience all that Lake Powell has to offer. The boats are specifically designed to provide the very best in luxury living, while remaining affordable.

Lake Powell has many stunning views to take in, and you could probably plan a family vacation there every year for the next 10 years and still not see everything there is to see. The experience can be invigorating as you delve into the mysteries of nature, and stay in the finest accommodations available.