Hikes Near Lake Powell – Defiance House


The Ancient Anasazi and the Forgotten Canyon

If you’re headed to Lake Powell and you are even remotely interested in the Native American history, you’re in luck. Lake Powell and the surrounding area are full of evidence that a vibrant, powerful Native American people once dominated the area. By visiting ruins such as those found at Defiance House, we can get a taste of what life was like for the ancient Anasazi.

Defiance House, located 3 miles up the middle fork of Lake Powell’s Forgotten Canyon, is best accessed by boat. It is very well hidden and wasn’t discovered till 1959. Experts believe that its hard-to-reach location was chosen for protection from both the elements and potential enemies. It was given its name for the pictographs of a warrior that are seen above the ancient dwellings. When it was found, much of the dwelling was still intact and there were even two perfectly preserved, red bowls that still had food scraps in them.

Defiance House may be one of the more difficult places to visit around Lake Powell, but it is definitely one of the most rewarding. If you have the opportunity to see this magnificent site, be sure to avoid doing anything that could take away from its splendor. Defiance House and other archeological sites are heavily protected by the law and any damage done to the ruins could lead to serious consequences.

For more information on how to visit and enjoy this and other amazing historical sites in the area, visit www.nps.gov. As you may have guessed, the best way to see all of these incredible sites is from the comfort of a Sunrise Peak Lake Powell houseboat. Check out our homepage to find out how you can have shared ownership of a houseboat on Lake Powell!