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Why Most People Prefer Launch & Retrieve
Security, Convenience, Maintenance, ease of use and peace of mind have more and more owners choosing Launch & Retrieve

**Example is based on OffShore Marina at Bullfrog**

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Launch and Retrieve

  • The boat receives thorough weekly maintenance and inspections, which result in lower maintenance costs and minimize down time.
  • You have the option to park your vehicle close to the boat and conveniently load your belongings on board the night before your trip begins.
  • The boat is refueled on shore. Fuel on land averages about $1.00/gal less than fuel on the lake.
  • Over all, total annual costs tend to be a bit less.
  • The boat is secured year round virtually eliminating the possibility of unauthorized visitors.
  • Buoy/Slip length restrictions do not apply to Launch & Retrieve vessels.

Cost Comparison

  • Annual Maintenance fee ($1000) & Launch and Retrieval fee ($1,500) includes insurance, management and scheduling services, preventative maintenance and repairs, storage, launch & retrieve, weekly maintenance check, fill fresh water tanks, holding tanks pump out, fueling service, propane, toilet paper and chemical, vacuum and trash compactor bags, cleaning and sanitizing service.
  • Fuel ($3.50/gallon on land) $1,050.00
  • Annual total fees & fuel - $3,550.00

Buoy or Slip

  • The boat remains on the water year round. By necessity, inspections and maintenance tend to be less frequent, less complete and more difficult.
  • After parking your vehicle you have the option to carry your belongings to the dock, by cart, or shuttle them out to the buoy using a smaller boat (assuming you have access to one).
  • Major repairs tend to be more difficult and expensive because special arrangements must be made to remove the boat from the water.
  • Fuel on the lake averages about $1.00/gallon more than on land.
  • Slip or buoy rental fees are substantially more and increase annually (virtually guaranteed).
  • The boat is unattended and vulnerable to uninvited “guests”.
  • It is not uncommon for house boaters to incur significant damage entering or leaving a slip, fuel dock or pump out dock.
  • Buoy/Slips regulate the length of the vessel which may be moored there.

Cost Comparison

  • Annual Maintenance fee $2,000.00 (estimated average including slip or bouy rental)
    Holding tank pump-out, fueling, propane, water fill, plus check on/off service $350.00 (basic service), plus
    Cleaning $150.00 cleaning and sanitizing (household cleaners cannot be used on the lake)
  • Fuel (@$4.50/gallon on the lake) $1,350.00
  • Annual total fees & fuel- $3,850.00
*Note: The average owner uses approximately 300 gallons of fuel per week, between the main & auxiliary fuel tanks. 300 gallons, at the prices listed above, were used for these calculations. Your usage and price per gallon may vary.