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Why Shared Ownership of a Ski or Wakeboard Boat?

  • When compared with private boat ownership, shared ownership provides the ability to "own" a more expensive boat at a lower annual cost of ownership
  • High cost of insurance, storage and maintenance is shared with a limited number of owners and covered with one annual maintenance fee
  • Each owner enjoys several weeks of use per season with at least one holiday use per year
  • Scheduled flexibility allows owners to trade dates and trips as long as the boat goes through the "turnaround" between trips
  • A formal check-on, check-off process will insure the boat is well maintained and serviced between trips
  • The boat will always be detailed and all systems checked during the "turnaround"

Why Sunrise Peak?

  • Partnership with Utah Water Sports combines the premiere shared ownership company in Utah with the top MasterCraft dealer in the Western US
  • Mobile turnaround service allows the boat to be delivered to your home prior to your trip and picked up from your home after your trip--the cost for the drop-off service is included in the turnaround fee
  • Professional boat management for owners
  • Ability to resell your share using our marketing strength gives you an "exit strategy"
  • Elimination of the downsides of owning your own boat: storage, cleaning, registration, and trips to the dealership for maintenance

Click on the two MasterCraft boats below for pricing and detailed information for each boat

Mastercraft X-2

X-2 Mastercraft Shared Ownership
Mastercraft X-45

X-45 Mastercraft Shared Ownership