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75' x 18' Walkthrough

Houseboat Virtual Walkthrough

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Since 1989, Sunrise Peak Houseboats has designed over 100 houseboats for the Lake Powell shared ownership experience.

Our Goal is to continually improve our designs year over year by incorporating owner feedback into new features that enhance the vacation experience.

Take a virtual walkthrough of two of our most popular designs.

75' x 18' Walkthrough

Houseboat Virtual Walkthrough
                            75' x 16' Walkthrough

Houseboat Virtual Walkthroughs

A few of our most popular features on our 2010 houseboats include:

Feature: Safe CO generators and venting stacks.
Benefit: Increased safety.

Feature: Side Hallway floor plan
Benefit: Eliminates traffic through the bedrooms creating 4 to 5 private state rooms.

Feature: Large salon areas with full size kitchens and entertainment centers.
Benefit: Plenty of room for large groups to gather for meals and entertainment.

Feature: Two side-by-side refigerators, freezer and large pantry
Benefit: Storage of all food and beverages for a week long trip

Feature: Personal water craft ramps on the back deck.
Benefit: Easier and safer to load today's PWCs.

Feature: Large toy tank capacity.
Benefit: Allows you to spend your time recreating instead of at the fuel dock.

Feature: Water filtration system
Benefit: Continuous supply of fresh water without the hasel of holding tanks

For a complete list of features on our 2010 houseboats click on the following links: