Reasons to Upgrade Today

More Safety and Convenience Features

New Sunrise Peak houseboats are now equipped with more safety and convenience features designed to make your house boating experience more enjoyable. A few of the major improvements include, windlass anchoring, reverse floor plans, upper deck improvements and two generators.

Windlass Anchoring
Lake Powell

Windlass Anchoring systems allow you to secure your boat more effectively and adjust to changing water levels with minimal effort. With the anchor lines going from the beach to the rear corner of the upper deck you can also secure your sport boats PWC’s to the side of the houseboat.

Reverse Floor Plans Have become the default design on Sunrise Peak boats since 2012, the reverse design creates a perfect transition from the main salon to the back deck, where all the fun is happening!

Reverse Floor Plans
Lake Powell

Upper Deck Improvements
Lake Powell

Upper Deck Improvements like bathroom pods, full kitchens and retractable screening make the boat more functional for a larger group. The addition of “Kid Cuddies” to our boats has added more capacity for sleeping inside the boat and a great way for kids to sleep close to adults in a “family suite” layout.

All NEW Sunrise Peak boats now include two generators that provide both redundancy and additional power when needed.

Two Generators
Lake Powell

Private Slip Boats with Fewer Owners

Lake Powell

We are now offering both 75×18′ and 75×22′ boats in private slips at antelope point… Slip boats will have fewer owners, more off-season availability and the ability to stay in the slip rather than going up lake in poor weather or with a smaller group.

Personal Concierge Service at the Marina

A single-point-of-contact is assigned to new boats to provide owners with an easy way to access everything at the marina. The concierge will meet the owner during check-on, during check-off and be a resource for the owner during their trip.