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Sunrise Peak Resale share policy
  • Sunrise Peak will list a maximum of 20 resale shares on their website at any particular time. Current owners wanting to list a share when the maximum number of shares are listed will be placed on a waiting list and contacted when their share can be listed.
  • Sunrise Peak will list and sell a currently owned share for a marketing fee of 15% of the sales price. The fee is waived if the current owner subsequently purchases a share on another Sunrise Peak houseboat.
  • Sunrise Peak will not list a share for a price that is more than 20% below the market price for that share.  Market price is determined by Sunrise Peak based on the age of the boat and time of year for the share.
  • In order to purchase a resale share, a prospective owner can make an offer for the share through Sunrise Peak.  That offer will be taken to the current owner, who can either accept the offer or provide a counter offer to be considered by the prospective owner.
  • In addition to the amount offered for the resale share, the prospective owner will be responsible for the current year maintenance fee (listed on the boat page) unless the current owner is using the boat prior to the sale of the share.

Call (801)424-BOAT for more information