SRP Advantage

The SRP Advantage

World Class Houseboats · Adonia Yachts

Sunrise Peak partners with Adonia Yachts, the premier houseboat manufacturer in the country. 

Adonia Yachts was founded by Dave Taylor, who has been building and servicing houseboats on Lake Powell for more than 18 years.

Adonia Yachts designs and constructs each houseboat to handle the extreme environment of Lake Powell without sacrificing luxury in the process.  They understand all the issues that can negatively impact your vacation and have established a reputation for building the most trouble free houseboat in the industry.

Adonia Yachts has a state-of the-art manufacturing factory located in St. George, UT — just 2 hours from the lake.  And they have a facility located in Page, AZ making them the only houseboat manufacturer that has a full-time staff located at Lake Powell.  This strategic advantage is critical to any shared ownership group who is concerned about maintaining their houseboat at the highest level between every trip and for the life of the boat.

The synergistic relationship of Adonia Yachts at Antelope Point Marina creates a houseboating experience that is unparalled at Lake Powell.

Premier Marina at Lake Powell · Antelope Point

As part of providing a world class experience, Sunrise Peak places all new houseboats at Antelope Point Marina, which is Lake Powell's finest marina; in fact, Boating Magazine described Antelope Point Marina as “one of the top 12 marinas in the United States.”

Antelope Point Marina offers the following services:

- Courtesy valet shuttles that run 24/7 to transport your gear to and from the houseboat.

- Launch and Retrieve valet service for your private watercraft.

- Worlds largest floating restaurant and bar located at the marina village.

- Marina store and fuel dock.

- On lake mechanical service to address mission critical systems on your houseboat.

- Certified mechanics and boat repair facility.

- Enclosed storage facility to store your personal watercraft.

Nothing compares to beginning and ending your vacation at Antelope Point.  From the moment you arrive until your departure, you will experience first class service.

Antelope Point Marina and Resort  Phone: (928) 645 5900

Most Trusted Shared Ownership Company · SRP Value Proposition

Sunrise Peak was created in 1989 and was the first shared ownership company to operate at Lake Powell.  Originally offering ownership on new houseboats at Bullfrog and Wahweap Marinas, Sunrise Peak has been the leader in shared ownership on the lake for over 28 years … We have put over 130 houseboats on Lake Powell and continue to offer our owners the highest quality boats with the highest rated professional management at the best marinas on the lake.

The co-owners of Sunrise Peak, Fred Dickerson and Chris Webb, took ownership of the company in 2004 and moved the company headquarters to Holladay, Utah in 2006.

When Antelope Point Marina opened in 2006, Sunrise Peak was the first company to establish a strong partnership with the marina that continues to this day.  After building houseboats with Stardust Cruisers, Sumerset, Destination Yachts and Bravada, we made the move to Adonia Yachts because they build the best houseboat in the industry and their houseboats are designed for the high demands of shared ownership.

The vision and success of the company has been closely related to the strong partnerships established over the years with companies that put their customers first…those companies include Adonia Yachts, Antelope Point Marina and Lake Point Management.

Along with being the oldest and largest shared ownership company on Lake Powell, Sunrise Peak continues to be the most innovative and progressive fractional ownership provider in the industry … We pride ourselves on listening to our customers because they are our greatest asset!

Our Value Proposition

SRP manages the relationships with Adonia Yachts (builder), Antelope Point Marina (trip management and boat maintenance) and Lake Point Management (boat management) to create a seamless experience for our owners.

Our exclusive resale program gives owners a variety of entry points and a defined exit strategy for their investment in a houseboat share.

Because of a large base of customers and a strong online presence, SRP owners have a path to upgrade to a new houseboat and sell their existing share at any time.