Tip of the Month

Tip of the Month: Finding the best place to beach your houseboat

Houseboating Tip from Burl Griswold, Captain at Antelope Point Marina

Lake Powell offers a really unique beach experience, and following these tips will help make your vacation fun.

My first suggestion for those of you houseboating out of Antelope Point Marina is to try taking your houseboat up-lake, beyond Padre Bay; since the Castle Rock Cut is closed, most boats are staying closer to the marinas. Some great canyons to try are Last Chance, Rock Creek, Face Canyon, Friendship Cove or Oak Canyon. It is always nice to have Dangling Rope Marina close by for trash and gas services.

Instead of taking your houseboat in and out of canyons to find a place to beach, send a smaller boat out with a radio to find your location. Once the location is found, use the radio to communicate directions to your chosen beach.

The best beach is large, sandy and doesn’t have another houseboat within 150 feet; the ideal beach is at least 100′ to 150′ feet long. Make sure there aren’t any rocks or objects that could damage the houseboat if your houseboat were to go sideways due to high winds or a storm. Also, leave enough room for your smaller boat or watercraft so that in the event the houseboat goes sideways during a storm it will not damage your other watercraft. Look for a smaller, sheltered canyon rather than a large, open bay.

When storms come up on Lake Powell, you want your houseboat to be protected against large waves that can swamp both the houseboat and any other watercraft that you have on the beach. If there is a prevailing wind, try to beach the boat so that the wind is not blowing directly against the side of your houseboat.

Finally, check that the water level is a minimum of 10 to 15 feet deep at the back of your houseboat.

Happy boating—see you on the lake!